viernes, 6 de abril de 2018

Know that we'll still have each other..

>> Sorry, i do not provide information about skins or body marks if they are not specified as a blogged brand. Shapes created by me. Have a nice day! <<




☽ ~ Her: ~ ☾  

Tattoo face: Misschevious - War Face - Ironwood Event Gif
 Hats: Nana – Xan Helmet PRize @Ironwood hills (April 1st)
Claws: [CX] Shredder Claws - Silver
Top: UC – Destiny top
Skirt: [sYs] ZHORA skirt
Leg: AZOURY – Shima Shoe [White]

  ☽ ~ Him: ~ ☾ 

Hats: Nana – Xan Helmet PRize @Ironwood hills (April 1st)

Eyepatch: [Cubic Cherry] – Wired eyepatch @Ironwood hills (April 1st)

Earpieces: [CX] Heavily Nailed (Group Gift)
Tongue: [CX] STFU Trap @Kurenai
Tank: DUFAUX – sporty tank – black

 ☽ ~ Deco: ~ ☾ 

{-MaruKado-} Rb-01_white (2Li_Low LOD)   
{-Maru Kado-} Rb-02_white (2Li_Low LOD)
{-Maru Kado-} Rb-03_white (2Li_Low LOD)
{-Maru Kado-} Large rubble (1Li_Low LOD)
{-Maru Kado-} Small rubble (2Li)
{-Maru Kado-} Concrete block (1Li)
MINIMAL - After the Storm -skybox-   

 ☽ ~ Poses: ~ ☾ 

Him: RK Poses_Ralph_6   
Her: DM - Quier observer  


  ☽ ~ Sponsors: ~ ☾ 
Cubic Cherry